In the beginning there were blocks, cylinders and spheres

When you come up with an idea for a game, you almost certainly want to play it right now. But, of course, you have to make it first. What a shame. Well, no, it’s not a shame, it is great! Because that’s the part that is so much fun of making games, right? Right! Nontheless, you want to play your game fast. But without any models, sounds, sprites or any asset at all you might build your prototype with so called primitives. These things are simple three dimensional objects like cubes and spheres. They can have textures attached, but don’t have to. Instead of using primitives, you could hire a designer to make models and stuff for you, of course, but without any gameplay, you won’t know if your idea is even fun. So, if you don’t want to spend your well earned money for a boring game, try the primitives.

Super Snow Fight is all about snowball fights. This is the main idea about this game. So I wanted to build an application with Unity3D where you can move an object which can throw an object. That’s it. The first thing I realized was that I have to know where the front of my object is. So my snowball-throwing-object consists of a scaled cube with a cylinder as nose (the front) and a simple sphere for the snowball. And, of course, I need a plane for the terrain.

The code I wrote made it possible to move my object – which is the player character – and throw a snowball. Hope you get the idea in this little YouTube clip.

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